There were new faces in the crowd; some familiar ones were missing as well.  But we were excited to be in a new place, wearing a different uniform.  It felt like it was some kind of a promotion when you realized that you have a longer tie, a yellow patch, and a blouse that opens in the back.  It was something new and it felt great to be considered now as a young lady.  The classes weren't exactly easy but at least we have a male teacher roaming around the halls.  Hehehehe. 

     Indeed, the cafeteria food  had a reputation.  (You know what I mean ~Kulot)  No matter how much we complained, we still ended up eating those yummy edible things.  As freshmen, we remained true to our Grade School ways.  As we went along . . . we observed, discovered new things, and learned from past and present experiences.  We questioned our school's strict authority and policies but continued to follow them.  A forgotten ID meant an Office visit to the Principal.  A really, really short hair meant a suspension.  And how about those Burlington socks that must be bi-folded and two inches above the ankle . . . It sure made us look descent . . . and popular at SM.

     We had an amazing education!  I've never known anyone other than a Theresian that was asked to memorize or understand Trig and Geometric postulates and theorems, or the Humanae Vitae . . . or perform the dangerous turns and tumbles in our "malikhaing gawain sa balance beam."  It was something!  Who can forget our pajama party with Ms. Balongkita and our dear layette project of baby clothes, bib, and mittens under Ms. Tiquia.  Others would call it torture; others deemed it a triumph against all odds. 

    Then there were "Luha ng Buwaya," si "Nena at Neneng,"  the much entertaining "The Little Prince" and the dreadful "Inferno" by Dante Alighieri.  Hindi rin naman magpapahuli si Rizal sa kanyang "Noli Me Tangere" at "El Filibusterismo," at isama na rin ang walang katapusang "mimeographed handouts."


     STC never ran out of things for us to do even on our free time.  We had the traditional Satulawit, the yearly homecoming, class retreat to Manresa and Cavite and the Institutional masses.  Workshop was a favorite of mine.  It taught us reality and the value of community service.  Even in our strict upbringing, STC found a way for us to discover the opposite sex by hosting a soiree with the gentlemen of LaSalle or Ateneo (or any other prominent all-boys school.)  Hair spray and lipstick flooded the restroom.  No one can deny the height of the "kilig" factor that day.  Right?!

<<< (L to R) Irene, Tin, Abbie (hidden), Marilyn, Dimple, Rachel, Ali & Claire
     III-2 Class Retreat


     Then came the final year . . . we procrastinated on homework, quizzes, exams and layettes.  We were terrified at the daily warnings of our teachers that if we did not finish this or that, we may never graduate at all.  We worried more of our future, of NCEE scores, and of college.  Graduation was inevitable.  

     As we walked the corridors toward the GS Chapel, we knew this was STC in its culmination.  It was a solemn night filled with OUR songs, our elated spirit, and our brimming aspirations.  We thought we cannot wait to move out the halls and walls of STC but deep inside we cried when we realized it was time to leave.

     In honor of our friendships, our sincerest appreciation to our teachers and mentors, and to a great institution, Saint Theresa's College, Quezon City . . . I dedicate these pages.  Thank you for a great education and lasting memories.   

I sought my soul, But my soul I could not see.  I sought my God, But my God eluded me.  I sought my brother, And I found all three. 

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