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Sambayan Educational Foundation, Inc.
St. Theresa's College, Quezon City
SEFI @ 1972 Manila, Philippines

Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave. ~Henry Peter Brougham
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2002 Homecoming: Visit the main page for schedules of meetings. Participate :: Donate :: Remember ::
We hope you can come and join us in planning this festive event!

Do you remember this?? Naalala mo pa ba si Ms.Villegas, our 6th Grade Art teacher

If you believe you can, you will. Have confidence in your abilities, and then follow through.



Special Announcement re: Homecoming

Attention IV-1: December 16 - Med. mission (The Lord of Divine Mercy Parish (ok na ba Carol? Thanks!) & rummage sale (no venue yet)
BTW, for your questions & inquiries pls. call or text the ff.:
Karen (0919)5882874 * Myan (0917)5203424 * Carol (0917)9611040

Attention IV-4: We're planning a rummage sale, i'll finalize the plans kung sa dec 16 or 17.... also, to the other IV-4 pipol.... please contact me re: our rummage sale. my numbers are 434-4180 / 0917-2703498. collect na kayo ng stuff to sell (old clothes, shoes, toys, books, household items, etc.) thanks!!! hope to hear from the rest soon....MARA jacinto-munoz

Attention IV-5: Important dates for Class IV-1:
if you have contacts with our IV-5 classmates please inform them. I know a lot of us are busy, but please make time for this.This will be our mini-reunion and we will be discussing matters for our fund raising ,batch dinner and homecoming. it will be at chuchai's house 17 scout rallos diliman q.c.. near burger king and st.paul de apostle church. potluck sa food.and ang time is 3:00 p.m sharp. we will expect you. just call me for details 939-1799, 0919229-4153 We need your help classmates, its for STC....LUCILLE

Attention Class of 1992: . . reunion dinner on January 5, but one class (iv-6 ata) is in charge of getting quotes for possible venue. so yung mga nasa pinas dyan on january 5, please reserve your evenings na!!! we're all preparing for the program at kung anu-ano pa! ~Mau

[Text taken from STAAQC website]
Sambayan Educational Foundation, Inc. (SEFI)
In 1972, the enrollment in STC was democratized to open the doors of quality Catholic Education to a wider set of social classes. This orientation was deliberate to put into practice the ICM Foundress' challenge to "Have a heart like that of Jesus, so generous and great that the whole world can find room in it." It was STC's social response to bridge the gap between the
rich and the poor.

What is the S.E.F.I.?
The Sambayan Educational Foundation, Inc. or SEFI was organized in 1972 by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (ICM) and a group of STCQC parents and alumnae. Its main objective is to make available quality
education for less privileged but deserving students.

How is the SEFI program different from other scholarship programs?   The SEFI program is not a scholarship program. It is a reduced tuition fee scheme for eleven years of schooling from Prep until High School for qualified lower-middle-income groups. It is perhaps the only such program in existence in the Philippines today. Applicants have to pass a rigorous set of criteria as well as entrance exams to qualify. Once a student has been accepted into the program, a social worker regularly monitors her progress and checks on the family environment. The privacy and confidentiality of this arrangement is also assured.

How has the SEFI been funded through the years?
The initial seed money was provided by the ICM congregation. STCQC parents, alumnae and friends have made substantial contributions to the fund through the years.

Why a SEFI Endowment Fund?
Yearly, the SEFI has to raise P2 million plus to finance an average of 400 students, who comprise 11 to 12% of the school population. To support the program, a P30 million Endowment Fund is needed. The Fund stands at about P8 million at present so our aim is to raise P22 million. Once we have reached
the targeted amount, we will never need to appeal for more since the fund shall be enough to support all SEFI grantees. You can contribute to a SEFI ENDOWMENT with a minimum of P500,000; you can be a SEFI PILLAR with P250,000; a BENEFACTOR with P100,000; a SPONSOR with P50,000; a PATRON with P25,000; a DONOR with P10,000; and a FRIEND with any amount offered.

How can I benefit from contributing to the SEFI Endowment Fund?
All contributions are tax deductible. But more than that, you will have left a lasting legacy. Your contribution will make a difference in a young person's life. And since we intend to invest the Fund and only utilize the interest, your contribution will continue to benefit our grantees in perpetuity. Our more than one thousand five hundred SEFI grantees will attest to that.

How to make your contribution:
Print an HTML document or download the form with instructions in Word form.

Send it to :
SEFI Endowment Fund
St. Theresa's College, Quezon City
P.O. Box 2508
Manila 1065


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